It is finished! He is dead! What an amazing feeling, I am so relieved! Joab did what I asked of him, good man, good man. I could jump for joy, sing and dance, finally it is over!! I almost lost it when the messenger came. I was in a complete daze as he was giving me news, but I almost leap out of my chair with excitement and relief when he told me that the other man was dead. I did manage to contain myself, though it took every fibre of my willpower to do so, and make some flippant remark that these things happen in battle and he should push on and defeat the city. Huh, it was all I could think of!

Now I will be able to rest, and sleep! Oh precious sleep I have been without it for so long. I am so glad this is over, so pleased to remove this weight from my shoulders. God has given me a second chance! He knows where my heart is, that I was only thinking of him and Israel. That is why I am king! I will fast, and sacrifice, and I will marry the woman of course, that is the right thing to do. She is having my baby after all.

Now, I must rest before Nathan visits tonight. I wonder what he wants..?